This was my first discovery at the time that I knew of, analyzing previous events using the freeware LiMovie it turned out that there was another earlier likely double discovery.
  I was using my home made 18" Newtonian at prime focus (F6) using a PC164C camera and a Kiwi VTI.
      This may be pretty dry stuff for many people but these discoveries sure keeps me interested and really helps justify my toys!
      I also want to say that I used Occult 4.1 and LiMovie. Can't thank them enough for the wonderful freeware!
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The light curve graph shows the steps as the stars disappear behind the Moon. With it we can get an approximate magnitude for the companion and if another observer or observers were capable of recording this event far from me at another position on the Moon limb a position angle for the two stars can be determined.
Lunar occultation of XZ-78191 April 4, 2006
Disregard time times at the bottom of the graph, they are incorrect
Sometimes a step event happens. Usually the star will disappear or reappear in the span of 1 frame. In this case, the 9.6 magnitude star XZ78191 faded to about 12th magnitude for 3 frames before completely disappearing. This could quite likely be a newly discovered double star but we may need another observation to confirm it.
Kind of hard to see in these
small screen captures but
the companion is there.