A slightly different way to do the 902H2-Ultimate External Gain Control Modification
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Remember you are doing this modification at your own risk!!
Thanks to the great work of Gerhard Dangl I have modified two 902H2 - Ultimate cameras. The only thing I really did different from his directions  was how I ran the wires. You will first need to get he mtaterials and do the modifications shown on Gerhards link below.

Here's another way to run the wires if you wish. I also put on extra dc jacks to run a 20 foot cable that is permanently routed in the observatory to the warm room. I can then disconnect the long cable and plug in the control when going remote or want to use it at the scope.
First I removed the cover with the extra 1/4-20 hole and drilled another hole at the bottom of it just slightly larger than the wire and ran the wire through it.
Realizing after I did the soldering, I should have cut a little more insulation off and tied the two smaller wires together in a knot to keep them from getting pulled out. Since I didn't I put a glob of hot glue on the cable, should work good enough.
This just shows  the cover back on.
Here's the finished product. The jack looks huge the way the picture was taken, but actually is fairly small about as big around as the BNC connector on the camera. It's the female end of a DC Power 3.5x1.35mm male To Female Camera extension Connector Cord cable. I just cut off about 5 inches to use on the camera and used the rest on the control.