Holloween evening I timed about 14 total occultations. All of those were dissapearances (Ds) with one of them (XZ50263) a likely double star discovery! I was using my home made 18" newtonian at prime focus (F6) using a Watec 902H2 ultimate camera and IOTA-VTI.
      This may be pretty dry stuff for many people but these discoveries (about 20 so far) sure keeps me interested and really helps justify my toys!
      I also want to say that I used Occult 4.1 and LiMovie. Can't thank them enough for the wonderful freeware!
This capture below shows an appoximatly 10.64 magnitude companion after the fainter 11.69 component had D'd. It was visible for about 0.616 seconds.
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This capture below shows the combined light of the two stars at 10.2Mv magnitude.
The light curve graph shows the steps as the stars dissappear behind the Moon. With it we can get an approximte magnitude for the companion and if another observer or observers were capable of recording this event far from me at another position on the Moon limb a position angle for the two stars can be determined.
Using the magnitude calculator in LiMovie we can get the approximate magnitudes for the stars, 10.64 and 11.39
Lunar occultations 11/01/2014