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Things I would do different
Insulate warm room floor.

I was too cheap on the warm room paneling.
Putting on steel roof.
Made the loader into a makeshift crane to put on the trusses
Maiden voyage North for the roof.
That mylar bubble wrap insulation stuff REALLY helps keep it cool in the summer.
The MNAA siding crew.
Jim, Jeff, Rich, another Steve and Butch
Low tech water level to set the rails to rout the tops of the walls level and flat.
Routing the tops of the walls flat and level with a makeshift cart and rails using materials for the roof track.
Made the beams on the ground then lifted them up with the loader
Posts in the ground.
Digging post holes with rented digger.
Maybe around fall of 1998. The sunken "pier" is a 5' x 5.5' x 4' chunk of boulders and cement 1' below the top of the floor
Floor and pads poured around fall of 2000.
Sept 2001 starting to look like something.
Oct. 2001
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