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Near Earth Asteroid 2009DO111
Video taken on 3/19  3.0 Mb
center of frame about RA 11H56M 14S
                                   Dec +39D 16M 16S
5 frame running average using Registax.
Video taken on 3/20  8.2 Mb
center of frame about RA 03H 58M 35S
                                   Dec +76D 29M 42S

7 frame running average using Registax. Double speed and saved as .wmv using Windows Movie maker.

The focus could have been better I think and at the beginning of the movie the asteroid is just barely visible if at all.

Notice the the varying brightness from the rotation. Period looked to be a bit under 1 minute. Photometry was done and the rotation peroid was determined to be just under 3 minutes.
Short AVI  (~14 frame) taken on 3/20  8.6 Mb
Not registered or averaged, same coordinates as above.
chart for avi below
Upper Mid-West Occultations
So, where was it early on the 20th UT? It took me nearly 2 hours to hunt it down with a ~14 arc minute field. I may have unknowingly found it sooner but during it's rotation it was not really visible at times so might have overlooked it.  BMP image is here.