Here is the telescope I started building in 1988 after quitting smoking. The first year of use it was on a Dobsonian mount  as I was building the equtorial mount and drive.
         The 18" F6 primary mirror was made by Galaxy Optics of Colorado and the 8" F5 primary mirror was from Enterprise Optics of California. Most of the materials are scrap aluminum and walnut.
Homemade crayford motorized focusser.
8" F5 piggy backed. Easily comes off, 4 bolts and 1 nut, to use as a Dobson travel scope.
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24" worm gear make with 12 pitch brass rack wrapped on an alminum disc and driven by a worm runnung at an angle.
Closer view of the double disk drive. The West roller is driven.
4000 tick encoders geared up 5X
It's hard to see, but the scope sits on it's own separate cement and boulder block about 1 foot below the floor surface. That saves a step or so on the ladder.