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Personal Predictions for use in OccultWatcher 3.0 and Occult4.0
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What I wrote below is getting old and may not be right any more. Go to http://www.hristopavlov.net/OccultWatcher/Configuration.html for current instuctions.

To use these files you must have OccultWatcher 3.0 or newer.
1. Completely close OW (check tray)
2. Open the OW folder under program files and create a folder called "personal"
3. Unzip the file (if zipped) you downloaded from above and put  this into the  personal folder
4. Re-start OW
5. Click on Configuration, then Prediction Feeds
6. In that list you should see Personal Predictions, if not, OW was not closed or some other problem. No sense going any farther if it's not there.
7. Right click Personal Predictions and click Synchronize, Click OK, OK
8. After a minute or more OW will have finished analyzing and you should see events under Personal Predictions.
The feed may go deeper than you want so go to event filters and under Personal Predictions check the "Define Custom filter" box and set the star magnitude, elevation asteroid size as you like, click OK

9. If you want these to show up for other observers right click on "Planned Observations" under Prediction Feeds, click Properties then check "Accept Personal" See image below

These files are to use as a personal feed in OccultWatcher and may also be used in Occult4.0 in fact they were made using Occult4.0.

For all of these the magnitude drop is 0.3 have a duration of at least 0.3s and a Solar elongation of at least 20 degrees and include events from the IOTA feed and the others if they meet the same qualifications. (theoretically). If an event is on both the personal and another feed,  you will see an ( ! ), or if you have the "feed" column showing in OW, it will say, thankfully OW overrides in favor of the IOTA over the personal prediction if you have the settings set to override .

If this is out of date and your interested in downloading a file, please email me and I'll try to update what you want ASAP. These files don't have all the events I'm sure but there's a bunch of them with hopefully a very good star position, there's still the asteroid position uncertainty.

Asteroids 15km or larger and stars down to 14.0  within 1.0 arc-sec using the GAIA catalog and a Dmag of at least 0.3
This first file I HIGHLY recommend creating a subset for your site and using that file in OW.   updated  4/06/2018

First file is for the World
Download this file  (~700kb)   and unzip,
Unzipped file is here (~2.5mb) 

File for North America
Unzipped file is here (~800kb)   Do a "save as"
Zipped file is Here (~230kb)

Hi Tony,

The answer to this question is - yes if the user has chosen to do so by right clicking on the Planned Observations feed, select Properties and then check the "Accept Personal" check box (unchecked by default):

Inline image

By the way you can see all current events in the Planned Observations in this URL:


Again even that there are some Personal and LinOccult predictions, they will be only displayed to users if they have opted in to see them.


From: "'Tony George' triastro@... [OccultWatcher]" <OccultWatcher@yahoogroups.com>
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Sent: Friday, September 9, 2016 1:36 PM
Subject: [OccultWatcher] Do Personal feed events show up for others as 'Planned Events'

Just a general question that I could not see documented on the OccultWatcher website.  If I create a personal feed and then have an event that I register on OccultWatcher to observe, does that event show up for others if they have checked the ‘Planned Observations Global’ feed?

Thank you.

Tony George
Discontinued, let me know if you wish to have this updated