Aug. 14th 2009 UT

Northern Grazing Occultation

Nominal site altitude  250m

Maia August 14th 2009
Harvest moon
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My dog Jake and I drove down to Brookfield MO to record this grazing occultation of the Pleiades star Maia. I had several sites picked out from near Rockford IL all the way to Kansas City. When I left home this area looked like it had one of the best chances for clear skies so made a reservation at a pet friendly motel and headed out. When I got there I went to one of my favorite sites and checked it out and decided to go back there when the time came but did check out a couple more sites. When I came back it was getting quite foggy there so went to an alternative site that was punched in the GPS  at about 350 meters South of the graze line.
I had put in push pins in Google Earth at 400M to the South of the graze line then did screen captures to view on the laptop while scoping out the actual sites. The final decision was to set up about 50M to the West of the Maia Brookfield 3 pin.

From Google I  was at roughly  W93.1477, N39.7195
Need to review the tape yet to be more accurate.
Picture of the occultation scope and Jake. The camera points directly to the mirror (no diagonal)

I had thought about bringing an 80mm scope for a second site but decided to have the extra camera, Kiwi VTI, VCR monitor and battery as back ups. I wanted to be dang sure to get 1 good recording!
Looking up towards the Moon
A little over 10mb WMV movie of the graze. Click image to download/view.
Limvovie graph for the first part of the graze. Closer view of the events below.
LiMovie graph of the second 1/2 of the graze. Closer view of the events below.
In most cases a step event like this may mean a companion star is visible, but in this case it is not. A true step event caused by a companion star would show on most or all of the reappearances.
First disappearance
Final reappearance