Upper MW January Asteroids
The maps below are from Steve Preston's FutureAll.dat file. Use these only for preliminary planning and keep an eye out on Occultwatcher/OW Cloud https://cloud.occultwatcher.net/ or the main IOTA site or click on Derek Breit's link above for prediction updates. I try to keep up with the latest predictions but not very well.
Harvest moon
Home page
I recommend going to this link for more  information and maps. Derek Breit's page
For Google maps and all the other information you need for the asteroid occultations that are on Steve Prestons site, (larger maps and details) can be found on the site of Derek Breit along with  station sorts, star charts and pre-point stars.
It is now easier than ever to find occultations near you with OccultWatcher or
https://cloud.occultwatcher.net/ you can see what events happen near you and announce your intentions.