Combined Mag
9.9 but only a 0.2 mag drop
Combined Mag
10.2 but only a 0.17 mag drop
One of the very best occultations in our area all year!
Upper MW Aug. Asteroids
Harvest moon
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For Google maps and all the other information you need for the asteroid occultations that are on
Steve Prestons site, (larger maps and details) can be found on the site of Derek Breit along with  station sorts, star charts and pre-point stars.
It is now easier than ever to find occultations near you with
OccultWatcher you can see what events happen near you and announce your intentions.
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Combined Mag
11.9 dropping to 12.3
Faint star
Below is a Google Earth may for the Westphalia occultation, the pink lines represent the 2-sigma zone and anyone between those lines should try even though whe you get that far from the path there's only a 2.2% chance for a hit, when you reach the red 1-sigma uncertainty zone the chances go up to 14.8% and the centerline with a 49% chance. If there's an unknown moon for this asteroid there could be a very brief occultation almost anywhere  300 mile either side of the centerline.
Combined Mag